Audition for a Vampire Series (2011- )

Part 1 - Auditions are being held throughout London, Belfast, Cardiff and LA by the famous Horror Film Vampire Actor and Director Elias Mortenson. When the audition scenes begin with screams and blood the actors continue to audition. How far would you go to reach fame and IMMORTALITY.

Part 2 - The concluding part of Audition for a Vampire

Part 1: In a Gothic building in London hidden in plain sight Elias awaits to be released.

Part 2 - Elias has been unleashed. Arabella rises and lures her first victims into a trap to satisfy her awakening hunger.

Following the success of "Audition for a Vampire", "Cold Blood" sees the return of the infamous Elias Mortensen. Having payed a visit to Northern Ireland's capital city, (Belfast), for another audition, his new recruits are coming to terms with their altered lives, and, having made a sworn pact not to allow their new talents to change their destinies, they find that someone very dear to them has betrayed them and has unexpectedly and irrevocably broken the agreement, with disastrous consequences.