20 000 Polar Bears (2013)

Comedy | 27:33

Production Info

  • Release Date: 01 Mar, 2013
  • Genres: Comedy
  • Language: English

Production Details

Global Dimming, Fracking, Top Soil Erosion - these are just a few of the many environmental problems that could potentially endanger all life on Earth.

What must we do to stop it? Education is the first step. An audition is being held for a documentary series called "Green Planet". Who is concerned enough to get the part of the presenter in this lighthearted, hard hitting environmental drama?

This film was officially Premiered in SxSW Eco by Peter Ferris, in his inspirational workshop there. This can be viewed in full exclusively in the Outer Sanctum. Click Here: SxSW Eco 2013

The full film follows after a short talk with Fiona Johnson, Writer and Editor who voices her concerns on the recent "Fracking All Clear" by our Prime Minister, David Cameron. She also talks Permaculture and the relief efforts for the Jengana charity.

Progress of which can be seen in a full documentary being made exclusively for the Jengana Charity, which is being filmed by Ferris Entertainment . This documentary will be available on this channel.


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